El Bagel  hand-rolls, boils, and bakes authentic old-school bagels in the urban core of Miami's mainland. They began selling bagels by the half dozen in early 2017, solely advertised via Instagram.  In April 2017, the business invested in a small vintage Cushman food truck (at the time a pastelito cart) with hopes to establish their first retail outlet. Renovation and permitting on the food truck was completed in June 2017. Since, El Bagel has been opening shop on the weekends at the truck, which is permanently parked at a discreet location in Wynwood. The menu varies from specialty egg sandwiches, traditional spreads, and a few staples that remain on the menu every weekend. El Bagel works with local suppliers such as Proper Sausages, and sources organic ingredients whenever feasible.  They we're included in Miami New Times’ 10 Most Anticipated Restaurants Openings of Summer 2017, and continue to grow their presence in Miami and South Florida. Follow their Instagram account @elbagel for openings, menu updates, and all news as they grow (plans for a full-size truck are in the works).







Matteson Koche

Matteson is 26, was born and raised in South Florida, and is the sole owner and operator of El Bagel. He loves naps, dives bars, surf trips to Latin America, his 2008 Green Jeep Patriot, and quitting his day jobs to open bagel trucks. Matteson holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning and has been a bartender, a delivery boy, an urban planning/architecture firm boy, and now a bagel boy. He believes in scaling business organically, paying close attention to Miami's market needs, and reducing overhead as much as possible (fuck student loans).